Central Express Branch of the St. Louis Public Library

Central Express is one of seventeen branches in the St. Louis Public Library system.

It is located in suite 160 of the Old Post Office building at 810 Olive Street in the Downtown Neighborhood.

Central Express, as the name implies, is one of three mini-branches of the system, along with

Charing Cross and Marketplace.

First of all, if this isn't the most beautiful section of downtown, it's at least in the top five. The  Chemical building, the recently renovated Arcade, the modern, sleek beauty at Locust and 8th Street and of course the Old Post Office building itself.

This is arguable the most bustling section of downtown, largely in part to the added street life and density that the Arcade brings, but also the only full service grocery store and pharmacy downtown is across 9th Street.

Central Express takes a "book store" approach, where all the book front sleeves are on display. The books are not stacked side by side. The design is chosen to allow quick and easy browsing.

There is a multimedia section with DVDs as well as a children's area. 

the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk peering down at the children's section

The setting is gorgeous, bright and open with tall ceilings and columns.

There is an entrance off of Locust Street as well as from the center of the building.

 exterior entrance

interior entrance

The glass partitions that define the library space are etched with the names of the branches in a flowing manner.

This is clearly the most impressive of the three mini-branches in the system as the classic 1884 Federal building provides an elegant backdrop.