W.C. Handy Park

W.C. Handy park is 1 of 108 St. Louis parks. This 11.96 acre park was placed into ordinance in 1941 and and is located in the Kingsway East neighborhood.  Per the city website the park was dedicated as W. C. Handy Park on June 22, 1960 in honor of William Christopher Handy (1873-1958), the world renowned "Father of the Blues" and composer of the "St. Louis Blues" who was born in Florence, Alabama. (source)

W.C. Handy spent time in St. Louis around 1893; enough time to inspire one of his best known works: "St. Louis Blues", one of the first blues songs to succeed as a pop song. The song was published in 1914 by Handy's own company. The song gained so much popularity that it inspired the dance step the Foxtrot.

photo source: W.C. Handy Museum - Beale Street

The park is bordered by Lexington Avenue to the north, North Euclid to the west, Shreve Avenue to the east and Ashland Avenue to the south:

This park might just be the perfect size.  The homes that surround the park are among the most unique I've seen; check out these mid-century homes mixed in with the usual St. Louis classics.

Back to the park...there are 2 playgrounds, one for little kids and one for older kids.

There is a ball field and plenty of open space with a really nice walking/jogging path complete with work out stations/equipment.

The basketball court is in excellent condition and there is a horseshoe pit that needs rehabilitation of another use.

This part of the neighborhood is arguably the most stable.  It has a nice feel.  There were women jogging by themselves, always a good barometer of park safety/stability.

Does anyone know what the following once was?

There is a cool looking mid-century bathroom and utility building as well.

W.C. Handy park makes me think a 12 acre park might be the perfect size for a neighborhood park.