St. Louis Neighborhoods

St. Louis: A City of Neighborhoods

St. Louis:  A City of Neighborhoods

Some neighborhoods are branded well and recognized throughout the region.  The Hill, would be a perfect example.  Almost everyone in the city and the metropolitan region knows the Hill.  Soulard is another example of a clear regional identity that is well branded and defined.  Maybe we should sell this "city of neighborhoods" thing a little more.  Maybe this should be our city slogan.  Mound City, Gateway to the West....The City of Neighborhoods.  Who knows.

The Boulevard Heights Neighborhood

The Boulevard Heights Neighborhood

It's an oddly shaped neighborhood that does not include Carondelet Park nor the Loughborough Commons shopping center.  I always thought the River Des Peres was the dividing line between the city and the county, but the map above from the city website shows the city limits extending south of River Des Peres to Weber road.  The neighborhood has some areas that are typical of south city, a la Holly Hills, Princeton Heights, Southampton, etc.  Other parts of the neighborhood are more suburban with cul-de-sacs and no sidewalks, etc.