Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

Walking the Stan

The newest Mississippi River bridge opens to traffic February 9, 2014. This 1500' cable-stayed bridge is the 3rd largest in the United States and will divert Interstate 70 traffic off of the Poplar Street Bridge (or, Bernard F. Dickmann Bridge).  It was formally named the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial bridge.  Time will tell what the people will call it.  To me, it'll be the Stan.

It's impressive that a massive project of this size was named for a truly good soul with local connections.  And, if you ever thought St. Louis wasn't a baseball town, well then maybe this will help convince you.  Stan Musial, number 6, the greatest Cardinal of all (sorry Mr. Gibson, I love you too) congrats on living a noble life and doing it right on and off the field.

This guy is an American treasure, and I think the name will stick.

I love you Stan, and will always think of you and the harmonica on opening day downtown.

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Throngs of people took part in a run, cycling event, ribbon cutting, parade, etc.

I just went to enjoy the scene and be around others who love life and the unique opportunity to dig in on some crazy photo opportunities.

While the temperatures were cold yet tolerable and the skies were overcast, no blue to be seen, the cameras were challenged.  It was an experience to let the kids take in.  And many, many others chose to do the same.

I won't get into the details of this engineering and design feat, rather I choose to keep my mouth shut and cherish the memories of a once in a lifetime experience.

There are great views of the city from newly accessible angles:

 heading southerly

There is new signage:

There were tons of people from all walks of life enjoying the day and the historic moment (looks like Brooklyn on a normal day):

 good job Grandpa, I hope she remembers how cool you were

that's the right idea my man

 German immigrants built much of this city

 God bless her

There are new river views:

And of course the star of the show:

 inspiration via Vertigo